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Now you can get the advanced version os yCamCap for free. Just take part in survey and answer nine questions on yCamCap. Please give your email-id at the end of the survey, so that I can send you the advanced copy of yCamCap to you.


1. You are: Male   Female   Something Else
2. Your age: 0-15 Years   16-30 Years   31-45 Years   >46 Years
3. How do you come to know about yCamCap: Internet Forums   Search Engines   Others
4. Does yCamCap fulfills your purpose?: Yes   No   Partly
5. Would you pay for an advanced version?: Yes   No
6. How much would you pay?: Nothing   5 Euro   10 Euro   > 10 Euro
7. You use yCampCap for: Recording Girlfriend   Recording Boyfriend   Recording Family   > Others
8. Country :
9. Your emailId for sending the yCamcap:

Disclaimer: Data collected will only be used for research. emailId will only be used for sending the yCamCap to you. Send Reports/errors/Bugs/Request for modifications to p.kumar@pkumar.de